Monday, March 17, 2008

How our paths crossed.....

Elle: I was baptised June 16th 2006 and after a short while I decided to go on vacation to America to visit friends and family. I specially wanted to see the Salt Lake Temple. I contacted the missionary that taught the Gospel to my mum in Salt Lake City and asked if I could stay with them for a week. I had met the missionary Elder Mike Stallings and his parents Don and Evelyn Stallings earlier when they came to pick Mike up from his mission in Melbourne, Australia. I arrived on Monday 12th Jan 2007, Evelyn picked me up from the airport. Once I settled in and unpacked my bag's. Evelyn came in to my room and told me that once a month the Stallings have a family party and tonight it was going to be at Granpa Rex's home. I felt a little anxious about meeting everyone, but excited too. When we got there, I walked in and the first person I met was Clint's mum Terri. We started talking and she said the funniest thing " I have the cutest son, his not here his at a Jazz game" I thought oh sure I've heard that before and he must like Jazz music?. Through out the night I got to meet the rest of the family. I started chatting to Nathan & Amy they began to tell me about Clint too. The next day there was a message from Clint on the home phone asking me if I would like a personal tour (wink) of Salt Lake City.


Heidi Jo said...

What a cute story!! Congrats.. Sorry i didnt make it to the wedding!!! Hope all is well!

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