Sunday, July 20, 2008


Phew! So far we have had a smashing summer of activities. It's been pretty awesome though. Fun, fun and more fun. Probably the best way to describe it. I love it! Liam loves it too. Clint (shrugg). Hahaha kidding. We went to Heber Valley Camp for a family reunion. We headed out there early Saturday morning to go canoeing. I was dying to do this. For a number of reason's 1st of all I love the water and 2nd of all I've been here in SLC for 9 months and still haven't set foot in a Lake (whoa I hear you say) Yes I know. So I made Clint and Liam get up extra early so we could go Canoeing. Loved it! Sadly, no-one fell over board. I just love seeing folks fall in accidently I think its hilarous (and cruel). After lunch we went for a bush walk not sure what the Yanks call it. Took some family pics. Overall it was a great day.


TC Jolley said...

What a cute family you guys have. Clint, thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog, it's nice to be able to peek in and see how you and your beautiful (and I mean beautiful) family is doing... seriously, your wife is gorgeous (Hi Elle!)... how did you convince her to marry you?!?! LOL!!! Oh, I have to tell you that I've been in Utah for a month and everytime I walk into my parents office, I see your wedding gift. I guess they had to order it and it wasn't ready by your wedding day, anyway, they need to get it to you!!! Looks like you are doing great Clint, Jon and I miss you :)

Brad Jen Parker Max & Bron said...

What up, Hey it was great to see you guys yesterday...glad things are going well. Hey I need your email address i've gone private with my blog so I gotta add you guys to my list, email me hope to see you again soon :)