Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wow what a B'day, Christmas & NYE!

Where do I begin? We had a fun filled Nov/Dec, it all began with my 29th Birthday, yes people you heard it right 29! It's just a number really cause I don't feel a day over 22 (I just need to convince myself). For my B'day we kept it simple dinner at the Chinese buffet and than the movie's to watch Twilight. It was a great GNO, we laughed, ate and drooled over Edward not the food that is.

A beautiful B'day card from Clint and flowers of course

What to eat next?

Strike a pose Emily

Emily dazzled me with a new clutch.
Thanks for a great night out girls!

Our first Christmas tree!
This year we were very blessed with so many wonderful things. We were fortunate to have been married in the Salt Lake Temple, to become a family, to conceive our new little bub and last but not least to get our first real Christmas tree.

A merry Christmas you say...
We had Christmas eve dinner at the in-laws. We played the chimes, this is a Stallings family tradition. One thing I love about Christmas is all the music. They seem to move me, so I really enjoyed singing and playing along. The rest of the night we played board games patiently awaiting for Christmas day.

Just warming up for the first song.

Christmas Day...
We actually slept in we got up around 8ish. Liam wanted to sleep in but we where to excited to let him do that. Clint had everything set up. Another Stallings family tradition is to tape up the walk way to the Christmas tree and presents with newspaper and walk through it. Clint and I both loved watching Liam's face light up when he saw the presents and his stocking filled with goodies. Afterwards, we headed to Clint parent's for Christmas family brunch and swapped presents and ate a delicious brunch.

Waiting on the stairs with cute smiles. Gosh, I love my family.

Waiting to break through the newspaper

The aftermath
Christmas at the Stallings

Excited about Christmas!Amy, Racquel and Elle
(not sure which night this is)
We spent New Year's Eve with the Stallings family this year, last year Liam and I were on a flight to Australia. So this was a special night cause it was our first NYE together ever! I was really excited and happy just to be with the people I love most. We had so much fun. Clint's mum made a yummy dinner and we had the whole gang there. We played games all night and stayed up till midnight.

Liam still up at midnight


Tamara Jacobs said...

Glad you guys had fun during the holidays. You all look great and are such a cute family.

Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

hey guys,love the pictures!! oh except i look like shizit in the one at the chinese superstore! like i just downed ten pounds of moogooguy pan. oh, and i still think that they are hiding dead cats behind the desert counter! love ya

Lety said...

I agree with Emily! Those chinese "SUPERSTORES" {laughs} are SO SO disgusting! Maybe not cats but for sure rats! Haha
Cute pics.

Lisa Nielsen said...

It looks like you had a great holiday! You look great as always. I hope you are doing great.