Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Noah's 1 month


I really cant believe our little Noah has already been with us for 1 month, it's gone too fast. Best part is that I'm really enjoying it 2nd time round. He has been precious, the 2 hourly nursing sessions are wearing me out but I love to nurse him its our special time together. He is finally starting to settle into our little family and home. He started to smile and chuckle yesterday I had tears in my eyes when he did it, because it makes every little bit worth it, to see and hear that your own bundle of joy is recognizing you. I'm at that point now where I just want to squeeze him and shower him with kisses cause he is so cute. We adore him and love him so much!


wait for it

here we go (a face only a mother could love)


As for Liam, well poor little guy has been a great big brother. Although a few little attention seeking episodes have left us to wonder who's kid is this. We have been doing our best to make it up to Liam by going swimming, to the park, hang out with family and even letting the TV babysit (KBYU of course) no complaints there. Don't worry Liam, Mommy will be back soon I promise. Just hang in there.

Liam & Judson (BFF)


Clint has been the best Dad any new baby could ask for, we went to Gateway last night and Clint carried Noah in his arms the entire time. While I got to check out the latest fashion and look around. Nothing sexier then a man who shows his love for his kids.



Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

loved this poast girl! when do you want me to take liam for you? sereously dont hesitate....just bring him over.

Nate & Lindsey said...

I can't believe how big Noah is getting. So cute, I am sure that you guys are giving Liam as much attention as you can. I agree that it is sexy to see how much a dad loves his baby. Hope we see you soon.

LB said...

He's getting so big, even though he's still so tiny. He's a cutie. No circumcision?! He's a total stud! You guys are both sexy. Thanks for hanging.

Clint and Elle Stallings said...

Dost mine eyes decieve me, or did Lety just slip in a comment about circumcision?! Pretty wierd.