Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our baby Noah

2 weeks old

Precious little Noah is 2 weeks old. Wow, it as gone way too fast. So where do I begin- the birth was amazing. It all started at 1 am Wednesday morning. Now this may sound weird, but I was in la la land dreaming away than all of a sudden I heard my water break. Yep you heard me, it was a 'pop' like a water balloon, but there was no rush of water. I was just laying there waiting for it, but nothing. Soon after the contractions started, we started getting ready a few last minute things and my contractions where about 2-3 mins apart.  I'd say they where painful enough to stop me from walking or moving. I felt like there was enough time to drop Liam off at Clint's parents and aunt Amy was waiting for us. Clint had sent her a text message - "Operation Valkyrie is in effect" which I thought was hilarious. On the way to the hospital on the highway I started shaking and I knew right away I was in 'transition'.  I started to feel the the baby's head moving down and felt like we where going 20 miles and hour- I checked our speed and Clint was going pretty fast. 

We arrived at the IMC in Murray just after 2-am. Mind you we had pre-registered weeks before and here I was standing at the nurses stations being asked a zillion dumb questions to which the answers had already been given at the aforementioned pre-registration. i.e insurance, DOB, allergies blah blah on & on.  I was cursing my bum off (quietly). C'mon you should have all of these details right? Apparently not. Moving on, they finally put us in a room and the contractions where coming faster and much stronger. The nurse checked me and I was already 8 cm dilated - yikes!

They contacted my doctor and she had just delivered another baby so we had missed her and was on her way home. She arrived about 15 mins later, checked me again (I was 10 cm dilated), and gave me the go ahead to push. So with every contraction I pushed and by the fifth push he was out!  A total of an hour and a half born at 3.38 am It was truly a miracle, to this day I am astonished by this. Everything else went pretty smoothly everyone was doing well. Clint was amazing too. He really helped calm me cause I can be a little aggressive when it comes to hospitals and doctors. It all went to plan (all natural) and the recovery has been great. Noah is my little angel baby, he had his 2 week check up today and he gained a whole pound (8.12). Obviously he loves to nurse. He is very alert and loves to be held and loves falling asleep to Enya. We love our special little guy so much.


LB said...

He's so cute. You guys did a good job. It's such a fun experience-giving birth to a baby! Hope to see you soon.

Jacelle said...

Congrats you guys. He's a doll!