Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Family Day at Cowabunga Bay

Last Thursday the Stalllings clan got to spend the afternoon at the Cowabunga Bay!

We had a blast, everyone came. I was really impressed with the all the different slides. I wasn't to keen on the slides mainly because the water was sooooo cold but Liam kept looking around for anyone who would take him. I personally loved the lazy river, Clint and I did a few laps, we laughed our bums off. Mainly cause Clint pretended he was dead and floating on top of the water face down and passing the 16 y.o life guard, who nearly crapped his pants. Me laughing my head off cause it looked so real. Best part was when the kid (life guard) stood up and poked him hahahahaha YES poked him to see if he was alive. I swear I swallowed so much water laughing that I was coughing it up. I went to bed that night with a grin on my face cause every time I thought about it I would start laughing out loud.

Baby Noah got to have a little dip too, we borrowed a swim diaper from Caden which luckily fit and off he went with Amy, Grandma and Daddy. He loved it. The kids pool was warm with pee water so he didn't mind at all. Overall we had a great time, we laughed together and spent some time with the family. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Stallings, we love you!


the murdocks said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I wish I could've seen Clint face down in the water. How do you not die laughing every day of your life?

I want to try out that looks totally fun.

Lisa Nielsen said...

Where is Cowabunga Bay? That sounds so fun. We need a water park like that in St. George. Clint is hilarious! I can totally see him doing that. Those Stallings boys are always making me laugh! Noah looks darling:)

Krista said...

clints dead trick made me laugh.