Friday, September 18, 2009

Little Noah

3 months ago today, our little man Noah was born. It has been an amazing experience second time round. Here are a few things he loves to do:

-Noah has the sweetest personality always smiling and loves being cuddled.
-He loves his older brother and he is always entertained whenever he is around.
-He loves it when Liam makes him smile and give's him plenty of kisses.
-Noah like's to be rocked to sleep.
-He like's to be a big boy and stand up.
-When he is lonely and by himself, he starts to complain with baby talk.
-He is a cuddle bug, that's when he is the most happiest.
- I mean I can go on and on...

We love our little guy so much, we can't get enough of him. Thank you for blessing our lives with your presence everyday. We love you very much!


Kristin said...

Elle! SO glad you commented on my blog and now I get to blog stalk your sweet lil family! Your boys are darling! Love the blessing pics, and I am sure you have heard this a gazillion times, but you are gorgeous my friend!! Had so much fun the other night! We must hang out lots!

Definitely going to try that pizza dough recipe. looks so yummy.

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

girl,you need to give me this baby so you and clint can have a night out together. i love noah, i cant beleve how big he is already! he is so strong and alert, just amazing! love ya

Tamara Jacobs said...

he is sooo cute!!
can't believe how grown up he is looking.
what a sweet boy.