Saturday, October 3, 2009

Date Night

Last night my beautiful husband and I went out for our first date night in a long time. We have been so caught up lately in our day to day lives that we just forgot about us.

It was kinda a surprise from me, but he caught on.

We were both so excited and anxious to go out, I was giggling while I was getting ready and had butterflies cause I was really looking forward to just being lovers again.

Ruby Tuesdays for a scrumptious dinner and than for the best part - SHOPPING at the mall.
We went to a whole bunch of stores and just hung out holding hands and sneaking kisses. Trying goofy stuff on, I felt like newly weds.

We laughed out loud all night and had so much fun. Our favorite game is "Remember when...." we love memory lane cause we usually remember it differently and swap stories and thoughts.

I don't think I'm allowing another 4 months to do that again!

Love you babe, you rock my world xoxoxox


Kristin said...

You're stinkin Beautiful!
Love date nights.
Inspired me to get one planned for me and the mister.

LB said...

We haven't done that in the longest time! I love date nights. You guys look awesome together. Did you buy those sunglasses?

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

dude, next time bring them to me...and i will babysit! i love that you say you felt like newlyweds again....thats me and beau when we go to cali...its bliss:)

Anna said...

glad you got a date night with your man!

ps- I have a secret that I too totally love this miley cirus song on the blog. sh dont tell em. :)

hands up....playing my song... nodding my head like yeah....