Monday, October 5, 2009

I love this kid!

Liams latest goofy picture face

There are so many things I want to say about Liam, he is an endless ball of energy. Lately he has matured a lot, like a growth spurt but only better. He has a vivid imagination and dreams up elaborate stories about the funniest things.

For example, whenever we talk about something interesting he likes to jump in and add his version of the story which usually ends with "I have that at my house, but mines bigger and with T-rex dinosaurs". By the way he has everything at his house!

He has quite a temper on him too, just the other day I asked him to go wash his hands and he really didn't want to and earlier that day we where practicing his alphabets. As he was stomping to the bathroom he yelled through his sobs "A is NOT for APPLE" I laughed so hard, with my hand over my mouth. I still laugh at that one.

He is a very smart kid, he picks up things really fast, he knows all his alphabet and numbers. We do a lot of spelling and alphabet games. He has this huge USA puzzle and he puts it together better than me! Just today we played the memory game and he freakin beat me. I love his little random facts, "Mom, when you eat food, it goes down your esophagus than into your belly" or when he tries to get my attention, "Mom, I have a question, its really important". He blows me away, his mind is like a sponge he soaks up everything around him. I'm sad that he lost his Aussie accent, now he has this American accent with a few words that still sound sort of Aussie, sad days really.

He loves having lessons and specially family home evening. He loves going to Church, I think socializing is his favorite thing to do ever! He loves spending time with his friends and cousins he would pick that over ANYTHING! He is popular with all the kids in the neighborhood and he has friends a lot older than him coming over to play with him and 80% of the time I turn them down cause it's kinda weird. He is always trying to make his younger cousins laugh by being goofy. They love it.

We play silly games that always makes him laugh out loud. Like "Silly Sandwich" where we have to come up with the craziest sandwich's. You usually win, cause you try to beat your Mom and Dad. Liam can be very competitive too, he wants to run the fastest, be the strongest.

He is observant and he knows exactly what's going on around him, it's really hard to trick him. He doesn't miss anything, he has the best memory. When we first moved to Utah he started to notice peoples cars. To this day we are amazed how he remembers everyone's cars. If we are out driving and he says that he saw someone's car we absolutely believe him with out a doubt.

He has an obsession with Candy. I can't stand it, he throws the biggest tantrums over it. He can smell the stuff a mile away, after you've finished it and swallowed it. It drives us crazy. We keep it away.

He is strong-willed, once he has an idea its very hard to shake it off and he likes to be in charge most of the time, but he loves it when I set boundaries. If I don't, he usually asks me the same question over and over again so I try to out smart him. To set him clear goals. "When the 9 changes to a 11 you can have some brownies" Otherwise, its a broken record. Until he gets what he WANTS. Drives me nuts. He doesn't give up easily, this will usually end up badly. Him in time out until he gets it. Which he is an expert at.

Liam loves to help, really the best little helper ever. He is good at changing Noah's diaper and getting him out of his PJ's. He loves to help in the kitchen, he makes his own pizza. Carefully selects the toppings and places them precisely where he wants them.

He says the most amazing prayers, he recounts his day and thanks everyone for making an appearance or playing with him. It really makes us laugh and melts our hearts. His sense of humor is amazing too, he will come into my bedroom in the mornings and show me a cool dance move or what kind of exercise he has been doing. I love it, cause he usually makes me laugh. He thinks its hilarious whenever we kiss him and he wipes it off. Lately whenever we (Clint & I) kiss, he usually says "YUCK". His favorite T.V show at the moment is Little Einsteins and fav movie Dumbo.

When he was a little younger he loved being tucked in with a little song. He would ask if I could sing the "angel song" (Sade, Kiss of Life) and Daddy would sing "If I were a bird" Ryan Shupe. Oh how I miss that. I cherish those moments.

He is a beautiful special little man, he fills my life with adventure and there is never a boring day. He always surprises me with his wit and intelligence. Although he can be a little stubborn at times he knows exactly what he wants.

I know that Liam will makes us very proud when he is older, I mean he already has. But, he is a born leader. He is very passionate about life and I think he will go far in which ever journey he chooses. We love him very much and he is a blessing that will never fade away. He will always shine!

Adores his little brother

Loves a good sulk for attention

Loves to wrestle and snarffle with his Dad

Brothers forever


eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

you know what i love the best about liam??? when he growls in that tiger suit!! that my friend was AMAZING and the cutest thing i have ever seen..hands down!

Mark and Racquel Stallings said...

OH that is sweet! We seriously love little liam so much. I can remember the very first time I met him and he melted my heart. I loved to tickle him just to hear his sweet laugh. Caden loves him too, as we all know... I'm glad cause Liam will be a good example to him. We all love him what more can I say...

Kristin said...

I must meet this little man!
Cracks me up!

Lisa Nielsen said...

Liam is so handsome!!! He is such a sweetie and such a good brother. You guys are the cutest family. We can't wait to see you guys...I want to meet Noah! Love ya!

PS. I love your date night. We haven't had one of those yet!