Saturday, November 28, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

For my big 30th B'day this year which isn't until the 25th Nov. I wanted to go all OUT. BIG.
Where else but VEGAS right? A road trip to the party capital of USA. We started our adventure early Wednesday morning and stopped by in St.George to see Lisa and Norm and new baby, Cache. I'm glad we were able to snuggle with Cache for a little bit before we headed to Sin City. He is so cute.

We finally arrived at our hotel the M resort which mind you is fabulous. I'm going brag a little here. But this place was amazing. Everywhere we looked it was like I was in contemporary decoration heaven. Not one detail was missed. I was snapping pictures for the heck of it, real tourist thing to do right. Well I hate those tourists that take pictures of Vases and walls. Well I was one of them. I was so embarrassed, but I didn't care cause I got some great ideas for our dream home one day.

We didn't have any real plans, if something good came up we would go for it. I mean seriously there is about a million things you can do in Vegas. Which made me pretty dizzy, serious party town. Clint and I had an adventure in Las Vegas back in Feb of 2007 with my cousins. We had just met so it was kind of all new. So had a lot more fun.

Vegas Flashback Feb 2007

Clint was pretty excited to have a go at Black Jack and I liked Roulette. We didn't win big or lose big either. But it was fun just watching Clint more than anything. My favorite line " Walk away, just walk away".

We had dinner at some pretty awesome places. We both love Sushi. We ate so much sushi, that I was actually full lol. A first for me, I think, well expect for the times when I had all you can eat in San Diego and last year for my B'day.

We were pretty lazy too, it was our first getaway in a long time, there were times when we just did nothing and hung out at the hotel just relaxing. Their buffet was amazing too. I had enough seafood to last me a month. We stuffed ourselves for 2 hours. Everything was good.

M resort Studio Buffet

I must admit, I really enjoyed the time away from the kids. Just two lovers with no responsibility's. All we worried about was what to do next and where to go. I think I started missing the kids when we were about an hour away from being home. (oops).

There was free entertainment everywhere, I loved watching the crowds get up and dance.
They were funny to watch, these guys had the ladies all hooked. Their specialty was Marvin Gaye "Sexual Healing".

Paris and Bellagio were probably my two favorite hotels. Both very elegant and just the attention to detail, it felt like your were in Italy or France. The shopping was amazing, I think I jumped a few times like a little girl when ever I saw, Chanel, Armani, Gucci, Prada. I'm glad I didn't have to drag Clint around he loved it too.

My man...



One night we went to a live hypnotist show, let me tell you something, I was pretty skeptical at first but I was shocked at the people on stage what they were doing. No flash photography was allowed, so no pics :( But we were entertained for 2 hours. I gasped and laughed out loud a dozen times. We loved it. I really wanted to go on stage, but by the end I was really glad I didn't cause it was really crude and naughty. I don't think Clint would have seen his wife in the same way ever again.

NEW MOON and House of Blues

We got pretty excited to hang out with these guys one night. They are so much fun. I think Lindsey is right, I can pass as a Quillettes and Lindsey as a Vampire. Clint and Nate almost fell asleep. But the girls enjoyed it anyway. Our fav part and I don't think Nate will ever admit this but when Jacob took his shirt off for Bella. Phew! Niiiice!

Nate and Lindsey at House of Blues

House of Blues had a incredible Jazz band playing originals and covers. The guys voice was amazing. Almost like Michael Bolton. We stayed around till late and munched on appetizers.
Thanks for an great time, we loved it hanging out with you guys.


Clint and Elle Stallings said...

I accidentally deleted the original Las Vegas post, so I re-posted this one. Sorry if I deleted anyone's comments.

bonnie and tyler said...

Hope you had the best birthday ever! It actually looks like you did!! That is great that you and Clint were able to get away with no kids!