Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Grinch who didn't steal Christmas

We had a smashing Christmas, it has been a whirlwind of parties, festivities, family gatherings and Eating! This hasn't stopped since Thanksgiving. I just love this time of year. I get to spend time with the people I care about most. For about a month straight. My Mom has seen first hand all the crazy and fun things we get to do during the Christmas season, cause the Yanks celebrate it on a whole different level. Our highlights have been:

  • Decorating our Christmas tree with beautiful ornaments and actually putting up a star this year.
  • Christmas eve and Christmas day hanging with family all day and eating yummy food.
  • Clint giving me a man hat for Christmas and insisting that I wear it.
  • This year we received a lot of board games, Christmas day/night we played nearly all of them. Hiss and Trivial Pursuit: 90's just to name a few. Of course Clint won all of them.
  • Sucking on the end of candy canes until they are sharp and poking people.
  • Liam's face was priceless Christmas morning. This year he actually understand the meaning of Christmas. I think we watched Polar Express a few times and convinced him that Santa is real. Phew! He did eat all the sugar cookies... *wink*
  • We had the chance to talk in Church today (Sunday 28th). We 'nailed it' as Clint says. But I truly felt that I was able to share my Testimony of Christ and it felt good.
  • Savior of the World at the Conference center.
  • Visiting Temple Square and appreciating the lights. Plus seeing a friend unexpectedly from my old ward in Melbourne serving her mission here at Temple Square .
  • Hanging out with friends real late at night cause the kids were asleep and Mom was too *wink* gotta love the 'free' babysitting.
The day after Christmas we went bowling with Clint's brother Brady and his boys Ethan and Brennon. We had a blast. I forgot how much fun bowling is. I think it might become a new family tradition. Amy and Terri joined us for one game.

We had a fun week and I'm a little sad its over, but ready for the new year to come. But I ain't looking forward to January. It's going to be cold and everyone hibernates. Hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas, we sure did. And thank you to everyone who sent us Christmas cards!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our family and friends. May the season bring you joy and happiness, fill your hearts with love, peace and contentment...... make you forgive, forget and refresh....... Enjoy.

Love this face!

Is somebody excited for Christmas?

Feeling pretty happy for helping us decorate the tree.

I love this picture. Clint and Liam feeling anxious about their ball.

Me trying to be a champ. I think I got a strike!

Noah and Daddy cheering us on.

Loves helping his cousins to open their pressies.

Liam and Norah

Waiting for that moment to smash through the paper to get to the goodies!

Liam's new hot wheels truck from Grandma and Grandpa.

I love it when ever these two cuddle. Noah can handle Liam's rough love.

Ward Christmas party

Love the Salt Lake Temple.

It was freezing! But worth it.

Assembly Hall


Norm, Lisa and Cache Nielsen said...

Merry Christmas! I love your picture in front of the temple...sooo pretty. I hope your mom has had a fun visit:) what a treat to have her for so long! Christmas is so much fun with kids. I can't wait to be up late putting things together, I mean helping Santa put things together, for Cache;)wink wink! Love ya!

Rick and Alexis said...

so wheres the man hat? It's not the one in the last few pictures is it? I wanna see this "man hat"! haha

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

I love that picture of you bowling elle! you need to put it in the photo hall o fame on your stair well. love ya merry crip-mas

eMily eLiZaBeTh said... the people on the bottom of your blog.. the family...
noah is a green bean:)

Krista said...

yay for a great christmas! and i have to agree that "nailing" a talk is a natural high.
maybe next year ryan will let me put a star on the tree