Monday, December 21, 2009

Noah's 6 months!

Wow where in the world did the time go, I can't believe my little baby is 6 months.
He is still a baby of sweet nature. I love how amiable he is towards the people around him. He has a soft touch and tender heart just like his Daddy. I honestly can't get enough of him. We just adore him. By far he has been an easy (angel) baby. Liam was a handful and still is. But I think that comes with experience, I have been much more relaxed and the magic word 'Confident'. He has been sleeping through the night since he was 4 months (the oat and rice cereal does the trick I think). Whenever he wakes up he likes to play in his crib until we get him. He has his first ear infection, but for a sick little guy he is still happy and smiles through it.

A little more about Noah...
  • He loves to cuddle.
  • He likes it when he sits on our laps, he is not bothered about what where doing.
  • Loves to eat. Specially when he gets to hold food himself. He devours it.
  • This little guy loves a good tickle and giggle. We love the sound of his laugh.
  • Doesn't like it when we put him down.
  • Knows his Mom and Dad and has started to reach out to us. Gotta love that!
  • His almost crawling, he has taken a few tumbles but gets back up and tries again.
  • His new favorite word "babababa" its so cute.
  • My personal favorite thing he does is when you hold him close he loves to touch your face.
Seriously I can go on for hours. We just love this guy so much, he is precious and so incredibly lovable.

Here are the stats:
Weight: 17.8 lbs (55%)
Height: 26.6 inches (65%)

He loves to see whats going on!


Rick and Alexis said...

Wow, it seems like yesterday that he was born. He is such a little stud!!

Jacelle said...

OMG soooooo cute. Can I come squeeze his cheeks??

LB said...

Wow. He's getting soo big. I feel like I don't even know him. We haven't seen each other in a looong time. We need to after the holiday madness!

Kristin said...

What an absolute doll! Love that pic of you guys looking at eachother. Precious!!
Can't believe how behind I am on everyone's blog. 3 kids is kicking my trash!
LOVED your 30th birthday post! If this is what 30 looks like I am excited! You are beautiful!
And the candy post cracks me up. I hear you! I can't stand the stuff and how everyone is ALWAYS shoving it at my kids. I think the church should come out and ban teachers from giving it every Sunday. Reall. Drives me crazy!!
I really want to hang with you and Em. Hopefully in the next few weeks things will calm down and we could hit up dinner or a movie.