Thursday, December 31, 2009

We need your Blog address...

Hi Everyone,

Technology has kicked my butt again. To my defense its pretty late at night and I have a splitting headache and a cold/flu. I couldn't sleep so I had a brilliant idea that I could kill time by updating our blog, anyway I accidentally deleted everyone's - family/friends blogs! *note to self, never do anything beyond your capabilities when your sick, cause you always end up cleaning a big mess*

Can everyone please leave your Blog address/URL so we can add you.

Thank you!


eMily eLiZaBeTh said...
feel better girlie

Norm, Lisa and Cache Nielsen said... sorry you've been sick. get better soon! Happy New Year!

melissa-brad said...

elle!! well, i couldn't be happier that we share the same desire of food. and also, promise i'm relieved i wasn't the only one stalking blogs. promise i've been reading yours for awhile now too!

i'm honored you read mine too! thanks so much for saying hello-and heck, have a wonderful new year:)

Megan said...