Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Miss Australia

Yes that's right, finally after 2 & half years of living in Salt Lake City, Utah I miss Australia. I mostly miss the little things like the way the air smells, the hot burning sun on my face, the little alleys with lots of cafes, the beautiful architecture, the beaches, the Yarra river, the city, the old churches on every corner, the shopping and mostly the way people talk. All of these pictures are from Clint's trip to Melbourne when he came to claim me.

 Flinders Street Station in the heart of the city.

Melbourne has a very European setting.

A Church on Queen Street in the city center.

Melbourne's alley ways are famous for their cafes, this was the first place Clint and I ever ate.

Yarra River (Southbank)


Sheryl said...

man now i miss australia and i've never been there. i'm happy clint went and claimed you, but i see why you'd miss it so much. we love you here. hopefully you'll get to visit soon.

LB said...

Elle those pics are great! I can't believe it took you so long to finally miss's beautiful I love love big cities!

Elle Stallings said...

I know, I want to go back there someday soon with the whole family. I think Clint will have the biggest culture shock.

Krista said...

i want to go australia!! i keep trying to convince ryan to move us there.