Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We had such a fun Weekend + Monday

Saturday night we watched the BYU Ballroom Dancers perform at our annual Stake Valentines dinner party. I was mesmerized, I didn't want to them to stop. They did it all, the foxtrot, waltz, quickstep and tango. I forgot how much I love watching professionals dance. The couple that danced the Tango are going to the annual World Championships in Blackpool, England, which is a big deal. I was feeling might proud. I use to watch it as a little girl on T.V every year until I grew out of it. Ballroom dancing is huge in Australia, its always on the telly.  I want to watch them again!


Our little Valentines day...
Liam hasn't been fully aware of Valentines day until
this year, it was sweet watching him get into it. 
There were surprise's for everyone on our door step from a Secret Admirer.

Lighting Mqueen made an appearance for Liam

 Sweet dreams little man, Happy Valentines day xxx

Attack of the Space Pirates!

The Stallings clan went on a field trip to Clark Planetarium on Monday. We hadn't done that in ages.
I love it when ever we get together. The kids love it. We 
love it. I think everyone was impressed with the special
effects and the Hansen Dome theater was amazing!

Inside the Hansen Dome

Grandma Stallings with Alex, Ethan and Brennon (Angela's kids)

Uncle Nate with Abby & Racquel with Caden

After the show the kids & I went to Discovery Gateway (kids museum) to play.

Liam loves it there he asks me everyday if we could go.

Hey, it keeps them busy and me happy :)


Norm, Lisa and Cache Nielsen said...

I love your little Valentine's idea with the secret admirer gifts. That's really fun! It is so nice that you can do things with the Stallings and all the kids can be together...I miss that all the time! Miss you guys!

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness! It has been forever since i checked out anyone's blog...i am so behind! Loved checking everything out.
So cute how you celebrated V day with your buys. Love the surprises.
ANd you look BEeeeaauuutiful in the wedding pics below!

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

girl you are such a beautiful bride! i looked like a 12 year old ass hole on my wedding day:)
loved liams valentines suprise and the picture of him asleep w the baloon
ps: i loved waking up to you calling me in the nasty vegas hotel room. and im sereous about chilis...or lunch anywhere