Friday, March 5, 2010

Feels Like Christmas Today

{Today is Friday} 
I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland in March. I'm not complaining at all, I love the snow, I can't get enough of it. The kids and I love sitting on Liam's bed and watching the snow fall. Hence why I think it feels like Christmas (I wish). However, yesterday the weather had a mild case of schizophrenia, which reminded me of Melbourne weather. Where you need to where are t-shirt but have your umbrella and sweater/jacket on hand just in case. I'm still not complaining, just saying that in-order to appreciate the good you need to experience the bad. Right? Yin and Yang that sort of thing. But I do wish summer would hurry along. I miss the warmth of the sun on my face. And having a healthy summer glow.

  View from our bedroom

  My healthy summer glow. (Liam 9 months)

{The Bachelor}


 Jake made a decision thinking with his willy and not his head, well maybe a little heart but seriously? really? They both kind of bug me, even Alli. Vienna has no class and Jake let the whole physical connection get the better of him. I'm just glad its over and we get our Monday nights back. Now I'm not making any promises, but I may or may not tune into the Bachelor in the near future. Just saying that out loud is quite liberating. Everybody knows that Clint is the Bachelors biggest fan, so lets hope I have 'some' will power and become a little more productive. {Please pray for me}

P.S I think Tenley escaped. 


Sheryl said...

i think you get prettier everyday elle.

and about the bachelor/bachelorette they need someone who's not white. everyone loves a hot a black man. mmmmm.

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

in the next life im going to make decisions with my willie too
what a dip shi*

Norm, Lisa and Cache Nielsen said...

You make me laugh...I also was so dissapointed in Jake's choice. As the show went along though, Jake really bothered me, so maybe him and cross-eyed Vienna were meant for each other! I always say I am never going to watch again (because they never pick who I think they should pick), but I always seem to get hooked in:(

PS. I love the snow pictures. It is so beautiful...but a little crazy! Come to St. George!

Tamara Jacobs said...

amen to everything.
barf to jake and vienna.
todd is the bachelors second biggest fan (second to clint i suppose:)
barf to vienna, and barf on jake.

tenley is better off.

i'm craving some summer warmth too.

and your peanut butter cookies look awesome! i'm going to try them.

xoxo, tam

Jacelle said...

Could NOT agree more. B A R F. The worst Bachelor since I have been watching. And yes Alli bugs too. I actually didnt mind her until the 4 breakdowns when she left. You made the decision. Now own it and get out of the shot!