Sunday, March 21, 2010

March Madness

{and not the Basketball type}

It's been a pretty solid month so far. I can't believe how fast the year is going by. There are 4 reasons why I love March.

1. Our Anniversary
 Clint and I get to celebrate our special day. We try to do something different every year and mix it up. This year was definitely a memorable one cause we went snow shoeing. It was so much fun...

It was snowing pretty much the whole time

I can't remember the number of times I fell

We brought a little picnic with us that we shared under a tree
{our sushi ad for a ski magazine)

I saved the best for last, Clint told me to do a jump. Well here is what happened after I attempted to impress my man.

{I think we have watched it about a 100 times and still get a laugh out of it}

2. First day of Spring!

The sun has finally decided to come out and just make my life a lot sweeter. 
At the start of the month I decided to make some life style adjustments, my mother-in-law and I are doing a points system, where you can earn up to 5 points a day (except weekends) and the person with the most amount of points at the end of the month get's a treat/reward.

1- No Sugar  (a lot easier then I thought)
2- Multi-vitamin   (easy)
3- Drink 8 glasses of water   (easy)
4- Exercise   (easy)
5- Eat 3 servings of fruit/vege's (easy)

So far I've done pretty well by getting most of my points, I know she will probably beat me but I'm really proud of myself for only missing a few days due to schedule constraints (exercise). But who cares, when I've lost 6 lbs right?? 

The amazing part is I have way more energy and I sleep better at night. I think I'll just keep going. I try to mix things up by doing different types of exercise. I love running on the treadmill, I do that most days. Last Wednesday my sister-in-law Amy, suggested we go hiking! We headed up Boulder canyon with the kids. It was a hard climb but we all enjoyed it and I loved being outdoors in the sun. 

Only attempt this if you are insane
(extra 20lbs DOES not help)

Our Gerber Baby

 Amy took the 20lbs of baby back down (thank goodness)

 It was really pretty up there

3. Nawroz - Happy Persian New Year!

On March 21st every year we celebrate the Iranian New Year, us Persians call it Nawroz (new day). I was raised in the Bahai Faith, my whole family are Bahai's so we always celebrated it Nawroz no matter where we lived. Persians love a good party with lots of food and dancing. The last few years we celebrated with the Sandy Bahai community, the feast has always been amazing and I love the fact that I can share it with my family and show them a part of my Iranian culture.

This year we went to a Bahai party in Salt Lake City and it was great meeting new people and just reminiscing  the good old days and showing off my heritage. I love the Bahai's they are always welcoming and friendly. The night consists of prayers and devotionals to The Bab and Baha'ullah. Both in Farsi and English.

Traditional Nawroz table. Everything symbolizes something.

 I love Persian food

 4. Another Birthday for Noah

Noah turns 9 months!


Jacelle said...

hahahahahahha I loved the video!!! I watched it like 5 times

Norm, Lisa and Cache Nielsen said...

Oh Elle are you ok? That video was pretty funny. Don't ask Mike about my face-plant video at the sand dunes...that is a pretty bad one (but really funny)! He decided to show Norm the first time I introduced them. Where is that hike? It is gorgeous. I should try something like that point system...I am addicted to sweets and need to stop!

melissa-brad said...

promise i was not only belly laughing at your fall, but it made me want to meet you in person. that was fantastic, and i couldn't be more sorry that that had to take place in able for us to all have some great entertainment.

and i couldn't get enough of all those food pictures...i'm still thinking about them right now as i type.

p.s. i have a crush on your accent.

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

your fall was fab. arden and i watched it over and over :)
and dude!! 9 months...where has time gone??

Krista said...

love the vid.
and i think i need to try me some persian food. the more sugar the better...unlike you, i find it extremely difficult to part from my sweets