Wednesday, April 21, 2010


On Monday Liam had his first soccer game, we were all really excited for him to play. Clint is the assistant coach and Rourke is the coach. They make a good team. Liam's best buddy, Judson is also on the same team. They have a good mix, Greeks, Hispanics, Aussies, Americans, what more do you need. I loved watching him play, its really funny to watch a bunch of 4 y.o chasing after the ball.

This is his new photo face. (seriously cute)

Both looking like a couple of strikers!

Although he cried most of the second half and sat in Dad's lap cause he wanted to be goalie. 
We are proud of him! 

Liam's cheering squad!
Noah did escape a few times on to the field to join the game.
Pretty soon little guy Liam will be cheering for you...

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LB said...

We do have a pretty good team! I'm excited!