Monday, April 12, 2010


This year for Easter we stayed indoors because it was SNOWING. Yes, snow. Last year the kids were in shorts running around outside. The weather has been really weird. I mean snow in April, seriously. Your cramping my style. But it was still fun. We colored eggs Saturday afternoon after conference and then we headed out to dinner while the men were at priesthood.

Coloring eggs this year with Liam was so much fun, he has become really creative.
(p.s this was Amy's egg, I think he liked to think he did it)

I was hard at work, coming up with an original design this year.
(reminds me of project runway, only better)

My genius piece of art work!

This guy steals the show every time.

This was hilarious to watch, he really loved that mango ice cream.

Lots of Easter eggs to find...
(not sure if washing machine Easter eggs count)

Looking pretty handsome on Conference weekend

Noah's been crawling for awhile now, but he is definitely ready to walk.


Kristin said...

Can you believe this weather!!?? Seriously! I can't believe I am waking up to snow this morning!
Those are some awesome eggs. Impressive!

ANd I would LOVE to get some healthy recipes from you. You guys need to come over again soon. We'll talk birth with Emily and organics. :)

Sheryl said...

gosh i just want to squeeze and kiss your kids! they are just little cutties! excited to see you guys!

Erica said...

Man, I had some catching up to do. Your blog is really fun to read. Kimball and I both laughed at your "jump" while snow shoeing. You didn't even have your goggles on. That must have been a rush. Your boys are really so cute, and you look amazing! our blog is or

melissa-brad said...

i'm obsessed with all your easter pictures!! there fantastic!

but about vanessa, ya, she's from our ward-i just love her. but i'm ticked because she's moving to hawaii. ticked that she's moving, and ticked that she gets to live in hawaii!