Wednesday, April 21, 2010

They're in my heart, deep inside.

A Mother's love.
 My heart expands everyday for these little munchkins.
I find with each day I reach deep down for more strength.
My trials are not over. My heart aches knowing this.
I have so much to learn and so much to give.
I struggle to stay on top of everything.
Yet I still smile at the end of a hard day.
I say, hold them close, they'll never be this age again.
Patience. My most feared virtue.
Working on this everyday.
Slow to anger, is what it means to me.
I love my children. 
Wherever you are, is where my heart belongs.
They can always count on this, no matter what.

A woman who treasures motherhood on earth will treasure motherhood in the world to come, and “where her treasure is, there will her heart be also” (Matt. 6:21).


Kristin said...

Beautiful post Elle. You worded it perfectly.
Your babies are darling!

Tamara Jacobs said...

thanks elle.
you are such a beautiful mother.
your kids are amazing.

loved your post.
i couldn't agree more.

Jacelle said...

REALLY great pics!

Nate & Lindsey said...

You look great guys! Growing and having so much fun. Wow, we miss you and hope to see you soon. I wish I could see Liam play soccer, I bet he is so funny.