Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Mormon Fashionist


About a year ago I had a wonderful idea to create my own LDS fashion blog to capture the amazing style of all the beautiful people I see every week at Church and Church activities. A good friend of mine who lives in Melbourne also had the same idea. We call it "Spotting". We decided to join forces and become The Mormon Fashionists. 

Her name is Brianna and she is just the sweetest young lady. She will be leaving shortly to serve an LDS mission at Temple Square. She has done an excellent job at posting all the "Spotted" beautiful people at Church every week in Melbourne. So this is where I come in, I'll be posting my pics of the week. So if you get a tap on your shoulder and I'm standing there with a camera and a huge grin, please don't run away!

Please check it out and let me know what you think? Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Lanea said...


Jen Wade said...

I LOVE this! And it is sooo perfect for YOU!! You are always so stinken cute!! I'll be check'n it out!! Cool stuff!

Scott and Amy said...

Elle I love this!!! now if you can only find out where they purchase these great numbers. that is where i have a hard time with mosdest church clothing. Love it


Kristin said...

So cute Elle!! I love it!!