Friday, May 7, 2010


I honestly can't believe our baby Noah is 10 months, where has the time gone? I'm having a hard time with this. I didn't think I ever would, but I am. I love having a baby in the house, there is no other feeling like it. Knowing that a piece of me, that I 'made' is sleeping in the other room or sitting on the couch giving you cuddles. Because of this, I kind of understand now why mother's keep on having babies...

A little update on Noah...

  • Started walking last week! He looks so cute. He does a baby Frankenstein walk. His preferred mode of transportation at the moment. Crawling was so last season.
  • He has a new fake cry with a scrunched up nose and squints his eyes when he wants something.
  • Grabs my blackberry and pretends to talk on the phone.
  • He loves to drink from a cup (preferably with nothing in it, cause he cant control the flow and chokes).
  • When I start singing his lullaby (Kiss of Life by Sade) he will always start singing.
  • Follows his big brother Liam around everywhere.
  • His face lights up whenever Liam walks into the room.
  • Biggest mooch ever! He does a little rock (backwards and forwards) until you give him whatever your eating.
  • Eats whatever we eat. Gotta love that. Actually he loves to eat in general (all the time).
  • Favorite food to eat: Strawberry's.
I had to post these pictures of Noah doing this face...

He can eat a pound of strawberry's like its his job!

Yes I do have urges to eat him!

Loves this face!

Rugged up watching his big brother playing soccer.

He such a good little guy. His the most happiest in our arms or laps.
He has been a joy to mother. We dearly love our little Noah. He is a top guy.
He fills the house with love and laughter.
We love you so much!!


Krista said...

seriously! ry and i were thinkin the same thing yesterday. the 2nd kid seems to grow so much faster since you don't have to time to just sit and stare and enjoy them every second of the day.
he's such a cutie!

Norm, Lisa and Cache Nielsen said...

Absolutely adorable! He has the sweetest little cheeks! I can't believe he is walking!!! That is so cool. You are a great mom. I am so glad that you love and appreciate it so much:)