Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Soccer Ends :(

On Monday Liam played his last game of soccer for the season. He played his best game ever. He scored a few goals, one for the turtles (his team) and another for the opposing. I still cheered him on. He played his little heart out. After the game everyone received a trophy. He loves his trophy, I think he slept with it that night. We thoroughly enjoyed soccer for the first time. I'm really going to miss it. We all are. Liam your a true soccer champ, thanks for being so great and we can't wait till you play in the MLS professionally so we can be RICH! 
{I'm allowed to dream, right?}

Pumped to be playing soccer!


Jen Wade said...

Isnt soccer FUN!! Park's been playing FOR-Ev-VER and LOVES it, our season just ended too, so sad... now what to do with all those trophies. Parker's got like 8 of em... hhmm well fun fun, hope to see you soon!
your boys are so cute !!!

Jacelle said...

wow, Liam is turning into such a little man now! SO cute