Monday, May 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Point

Museum of Ancient Life

We visited the museum with the Boyakins last Friday. We stayed for hours, the kids loved it.

Love these guys, such sweet kids. We let them run around til there hearts were content. 
We even had two lunch breaks lol, they didn't want to leave.

Liam was in his element, he is still going through a major Dinosaur obsession.
I loved seeing his face light up every time he saw a Dinosaur that he recognized.
The last time we were at the museum was 2 years ago.
{Flashback pic}

Liam was 2 y.o 

Connelly, Judson and Liam

The 'space' was a hit, they loved running around in circles.
It was pitch black with a million stars. I asked them to say "scary". Love the look on Liam's face.

I love this little girl, Cassiddy.

Noah & Cassiddy

Mammoth Egg

Overall, it was a fantastic day. I would recommend it to anyone. We spent hours in their and never got bored once. I'm even thinking of purchasing a family membership. 


LB said...

Let's do it again soon!

Tom and Annie said...

Elle!! I found you through Jen's blog! I think Liam is amazing!! He brought a dinosaur book for show-and-tell and knew all their names! I'm sad you won't be coming to Teacher Pat's anymore. What a smart kid you have!

Elle Stallings said...

Andrea! I'm so glad you found our blog! Now we can keep up! Liam is a little treasure, I love how much he is into dinosaurs. He is very passionate about his hobby's. We are totally going to miss you guys! i'm kind of sad that we are not coming back. He just loves you guys. I sort of haven't reminded him that he wont be returning! Not a great moment. See you soon :)