Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Noah

Today you turn one year old. I cant believe you were born 12 months ago today! You have been nothing but a blessing in our family. Your face lights up the whole room when ever you walk in to it. Your big brother Liam just adores you. You both make each other laugh and  what an incredible thing he is for you to have. Your Dad and I are important, yes, but your big brother is everything to you. 

You're already walking, speeding in and out of rooms, up and over every obstacle in your way. I love how you say La La La (Moo, Baa La La La super cute book) whenever you see your favorite book and bring it to me and sit on my lap so I can read it to you. You smile ear to ear the whole time.

Your such an active child. You are walking all over the place. At times I see you trying to run and you usually fall and hit your head. I wait for the thud of your head on the floor followed by the wail. I'm quick to run and make sure your okay. You just get back up and try again. I love that you move on and easily forget. But at the same time your sensitive and take everything to heart which means you usually  take advantage of me trying to soothe you and stay a little while in my arms. (I really don't mind)

Your not whiny at all. We don't hear a peep out of you. You just roll with the punches. Specially when Liam is wrestling you. Dad and I are all up in your biz trying to help and your just smiling away thinking its hilarious that Liam is sitting on you. Your the most content and laid back little guy we know! Yes there were periods when your four upper teeth were coming in (bouts of diarrhea) but overall you have been pretty much the most delightful baby on the planet. Your smiles & giggles are contagious because you're generally just so happy about being alive. However, your a Mummy's boy alright, we are working on the separation anxiety, whenever we leave you with family or friends. Just so sad.

Noah, there could not have been a more perfect addition to our family. Heavenly Father knew exactly who to send down to make our family complete. Honestly, you are pure joy, a bundle of electrifying awesomeness that just keeps getting better.

I can't wait to celebrate your Birthday this evening with your own little cake to dig into. We love you and thank you for allowing us to raise you. We cherish the gift that you are and LOVE you very much.

Happy birthday, my special little man!


Mummy and Daddy.

P.S I'm a little sad that my little man is 1 already. I just wasn't ready for this! :(

Your sad face melts my heart every time


Norm, Lisa and Cache Nielsen said...

I love that little guy (even though I've never even met him;) He is just precious! You are such a great mom and he has the best famliy. I love and hate that they have to get older. It makes me sad to read your post and know that i'll be there in 2 months! Happy Birthday little guy! XOXO

Jacelle said...

Awww...the sad face is the cutest thing I have ever seen