Sunday, June 13, 2010


The Denim Shirt 

Yes, I've been bitten by the denim shirt this season...doesn't matter how you wear it oversized, belted, fitted, or formal, denim shirts have been spotted both on the runway and on the backs of some of my favorite celebs. I picked mine up yesterday at the Sandy DI for $4 bucks! You really can't beat that. Matched it with my black Sass & Bide skinny's and fedora hat. There is just something about a 'new' put together outfit that makes me feel confident. Now, I feel ready to face the world when I step outside my front door. Puts a smirk on my face...Yes I love fashion.


Norm, Lisa and Cache Nielsen said...

I can just imagine how cute you look in your new outfit:) I can't believe the denim look is's much much better now though. You are so stylin'! That looks like a good book. I'll have to get it. Also I feel like you are my claim to fame...Torah! That is so cool. My dad told me that you guys are friends and I think she is awesome. I loved watching her this winter!

LB said...

Oh Yeah, that's hot especially since you bought it the DI! That's great. I love second-hand stores!

Stiene Saenen said...

I love denim shirts! x