Sunday, August 29, 2010

Australia: Part 1

We took a family vacation to Australia this summer for about 2 weeks. It was sort of a dream holiday that we didn't think would happen so soon. But after nearly 3 years, I, yes me, decided that it was time to visit the homeland and get some TLC from our beloved family and friends... and let me tell you.. it was bliss! 

We enjoyed, 2 weeks of non-stop, fun filled days and nights. But it still wasn't enough. Seriously. I was a little depressed leaving. At the airport, I was yelling 'on the inside' just gimme another week. Please. I'll sell my soul if I have to. Just give it to me. But no genie appeared, so sad. 

But we had a blast, I have so many memory's to share. I'll do it in parts. But the odd thing is I really didn't take that many pictures. I was in holiday mode. Really couldn't be bothered. Kind of kicking myself now. Oh well. Here we go.. 

We stayed with my brother's Ali and Peyman. In Melbourne. Which is the capital of Victoria, all the way down south. It is the end of winter, but it's still cold. Clint and I had a romantic getaway to Queensland for about 4 days also. Which is up north, very sunny and beautiful all year round. We stayed in Brisbane. But also drove further up north to the Sunshine Coast and visited the Gold Coast. I'd say we traveled a total of 800 km by car. It was so much fun. 

We had written down a bunch of places that I really wanted Clint to experience before hand, which mostly revolved around food, of course. Our first stop was Springvale, which is like just Chinatown but full of Vietnamese, instead of Chinese people. It was quite an experience.

 Crocodile Soup

Me, pretending to like it. It was awful. Tasted like beef but with a little nasty aftertaste. 
It was just a few crocodile vertebrate's thrown in a bowl and hot water.
Welcome to Australia, mate!


eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

girl!! i missed you, cant wait to catch up and hear all about it :)

Kristin said...

Goodness! Can't wait to see all the pics!
Crocodile soup!? Yikes! It does sound nasty.
Loved reading about some Australian facts.
I really should go there some day...sounds amazing.

And your brothers are hotties.

Just thought you'd like to know ;)