Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I really wanted to share with you all a little about Australia. Sort of like a Basic:101 lesson for all you Aussie fans, who might want to know a little more about this beautiful country so far away. Let's start off with little facts you may be interested to know about my homeland, Oz.
  • Australia, is derived from the Latin australis, meaning "southern"
  • The worlds smallest continent. It is a Commonwealth country.
  • The first human habitation is about 42,000 years ago, the indigenous.
  • Discovered by Captain James Cook in 1770. He named the first state, New South Wales and claimed it for Great Britain.
  • Government: Federal parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy.
  • Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II. Governor General Quentin  Bryce. Prime Minister Julia Gillard (1st female PM)
  • 2010 population: 22,417,867 million.
  • Universal Health Care. Medicare pays for everything. They even give you money for having a baby (est. $6,000)
  • Universal Health Care. Medicare pays for everything. They even give you money for having a baby (est. $6,000)

    Includes the Union Jack and 6 stars. Special formation of the stars: the Southern Cross.

    Very hard to rip or burn and small. We have a lot less coins too.

    Australian Football League (AFL)
    Sort of an obsession with Aussies.
    No you don't have kangaroos in your backyard unless you live in the bush.
    Yes, you can see them when your in rural areas.
    They are pests. Don't ever approach one in the wild. Why?
    Check this out.

     Koala's are everywhere. They are harder to spot in big cities. But when you drive out a bit you start to see them in Eucalyptus trees. They make the most horrible sound at nights.  Really weird.

    On a good day in Sydney, you might bump into these guys (no joke)

    There is so much I want to say about this topic, but I wont. Because its very delicate. I have a lot of respect for the indigenous population. I found this very interesting. You see them in the city (downtown). We stay clear away. I'm intimidated by them.

    I grew up in Melbourne (4 million peeps), Victoria. Cooler climate and with a strong European influence. We have the second biggest population of Greeks outside of Athens. But I have also lived in Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. 95% of the population live on the coast.

    I Love Australia!


    Norm, Lisa and Cache Nielsen said...

    I love this post. It makes me really really want to go to Australia! I will watch out for kangaroos...although those people probably deserved it...they should stay in the wild! By the way I read about the stolen generations and that makes me really sad. I will have to learn more. Oh and lastly...I LOVE Hugh Jackman!!!

    Nate & Lindsey said...

    You make me jealous talking of such wonderful things. i would love to visit. Nate laughed himself silly after watching the boxing kangaroo. We love and miss you.