Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Lately I have been finding it really difficult being so far away from my family. I miss their company terribly. I miss their support and comfort. But most of all I miss their love for me. Specially the way they love me. Utterly and completely for who I am, as a daughter and sister and nothing more. On a day like this when I'm finding myself tear up because I need my Mum closer then ever. Because sometimes being a mother at home all day can be unbearable (not having a proud day). She wipes my tears away and saves me, from me. She is my angel. My brothers give me strength where I find weakness. They are my angels too. They shatter my walls of demons and wash away my fears. I see the love in their eyes. I know they are real. So if you have a mother far away or siblings, you know how I feel. There is nothing in this world that could replace the love you receive from their presence. Nothing. I know that, I need to work on my envious emotions of friends and family who don't have to experience this absence. Please forgive me. I'm working on this. Trust me. At the same time I think about those who are without them and they give me strength.

I know my heart will fill up with joy when I see them next week and all will be forgotten.  And when I do, I am going to tell them how I love them and have miss them so much. I don't think they realize how much I do.  

                                         Pae                                             Ali


Krista said...

i hope you're feelin better. i get bummed out every now again too...it's nice to always have a place to go and feel like you can just be you and totally relax.
good thing you're going to see them soon....just in time. hopefully you get filled up until the next visit.

LB said...

How sweet. I can't imagine not having your brothers close... soak up your next three weeks coming up soon!

Tamara Jacobs said...

you family sounds so sweet.
i love what you wrote...you described it all so well.
i have hard moments where i really miss having family near too.
i hope you have an amazing time with them on your visit.