Monday, September 6, 2010

Melbourne - My Hometown...

I've lived all over the North and South coast of Australia. Let's see Melbourne, Wodonga (rural), Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane. But I would say I have lived most of my childhood life in Melbourne. Besides, that's where most of my family lives too. I have recently made a discovery, although I call Melbourne my hometown, I call Salt Lake City my home. This brings me a lot of peace... mainly due to moving around so much through out my life.

Here are a some pictures of all the fun stuff we got up to from Melbourne to Brisbane.

My Dad and his wife prepared an amazing Persian feast just for us.
Clint was able to meet him and my Grandmother for the first time.

My Grandmother is ancient, she is my Dad's Mum. It was good to see her on our trip. Specially for her to be able to meet Noah and see Liam again.

I'm also glad Liam was able to spend time with my step brothers. They really loved spoiling him.

More to come...

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