Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More Melbs

The best part about our trip was all the family and friends we were able to catch up with.
Clint was able to meet a few of my close friends and relatives for the first time!

 Dane and his wife Kerry, they are expecting their first child in about a week!
Dane was my best friend all through out high school. Can you believe he has been LDS all his life and he never told me!!!  I find out when I walked into an YSA dinner one night. We hugged it out for about 5 mins. He later told me that he had always prayed for me to join the church. He said, I knew you would one day. We had lost touch when he went on his mission to Japan. I still get choked up thinking about that story.

 Pretty much all the unfamiliar faces you see in the above pictures are my cousins. My Uncle Saaid and Aunty Shahin threw us a huge family dinner on our last night in Melbourne. So many of my family came which really delighted me. We had so much to eat and Clint was really into this eggplant dish that my Aunt made. I must admit it was delicious. I'll be asking for the recipe soon.


eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

Im sad for you that you had to come back to reality. you look so happy in all the pix.
but for me im happy...utah needs you:)

Nicole said...

Sounds like it was a trip to remember. Would love to catch up soon. The boyf is coming Thursday for a month. Let's double!