Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Noah 18mths

He is still as precious as the day we brought him home from the hospital.
His little personality is really bursting out. He loves to copy everything we do.
He has the cutest laugh I have ever heard. He loves to play hide and seek and pretends to count with both hands covering his mouth (so cute).
He still a Mamma's boy, which is kind of cute. But he is pretty brave and gets over things really fast.
He loves to eat, at the moment he is going through a gogurt phase. He takes me by the hand and points to the freezer. Probably something to do with all his teeth coming through at the same time!
He has picked up a bunch of new words: Snow, gone, mine, no, light.
We just love our little guy. We have been thoroughly enjoying watching the little squirt growing up.
He is just gorgeous and adorable in every possible way. We love you Noah!


Kristin said...

Breathtaking picture!! What a cute boy!
Love all the pretties below! You're so good!

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

Cant beleve your newborn is 18 months!-you just had him :)we went swiming a week after he came out!
i was going to ask you where t=you get your traffic feed on your me the way

Mark and Racquel Stallings said...

Oh we love that little stud muffin too! Can't get enough of your sweet little boys!

Jacelle said...

Your pics are always sooo awesome. He is a doll..