Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Christmas

We had a really fun and relaxing Christmas this year. Last year my Mom was here from Australia and we went all out. So we wanted to keep it low key this year and remember the true meaning of why we celebrate Christmas. We put a lot of effort into explaining to the kids the meaning of Christmas.  I love inviting the spirit into the home but I never seem to be able to tell or listen to a story about our Savior's birth without shedding a few tears. We really enjoy spending time with our family. It was an off year for all my sister-in-laws. Clint's parents got to spend Christmas eve with just our family and Nathan. We had a yummy dinner and played "would you rather' for the rest of the evening. 

Christmas Morning we have breakfast at the Stallings and take it in turn's opening presents. This year everyone had to say something they liked about that person before they gave them their gift. Which was a nice touch. We were also able to talk to Amy from Rolla, Missouri. She seems to be doing really well. Afterwards, we headed over to Grandpa Rex and Grandma Carol's house for Christmas lunch. We got to see the rest of the Stallings family and catch up with everyone. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

 Christmas Eve

 Christmas Eve

 Christmas Eve

 The aftermath.

 Trying out the new camera for first time.

 Before the Monkey

 After the Monkey

 Pretty awesome gift wrapping by Jed

I want to eat him up!

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