Tuesday, January 18, 2011

LDS Motion Picture -The New Testament Audition

A film project re-creating important stories from the New Testament is now in production, and the LDS Motion Picture Studio is looking for people to be a part of it. I had the opportunity to audition for the part of 'woman at the well'. The studio is looking for individuals who could be made to look as if they’d stepped out of the pages of the New Testament. Everyone—seasoned actors, amateur performers, even people with no experience at all—is encouraged to participate.

With a lot of encouragement from Clint I started the process about 5 months ago. I submitted a head-shot and a resume detailing how much acting experience I have -none-. After that it was just a waiting game until I could audition.

So, Saturday morning, I drove down to Provo. I almost chickened out! But I thought to myself what have I got to lose, yes I'll be embarrassed for 15 mins pretending to know how to 'act'. But it's once in a lifetime opportunity. How often will I get a chance to audition for a movie role? When I got there I immediately felt sheepish. There where beautiful ladies everywhere, with long brown gorgeous hair. I thought I have no chance. I sat next to one of these beauties, I noticed she was practicing her lines. I looked at her and asked if she remembered her lines and she gave me a condescending look and said 'yeah, I usually perform in theater, not movies'. I immediately thought, 'I'm dead'.  Glad I got that out of the way, now where are the exits? Then I heard my name being called, to late to bail. 

They directed me to a room, where a video camera and lighting was set-up with the one of the casting members sitting behind a table. She was really nice and gave me lots of compliments. That gave me the burst of confidence  I much needed. We had a little chat about the role and we began. There was another girl who was playing the part of Jesus. I was so nervous! That I had no expression on my face. We finished our lines and just like that it was over. I started mumbling and talking fast about how I don't have any acting experience blah, blah. The girl behind the desk looked at me and said "Well, don't worry to much, you have the look we are interested in, so we'll be definitely using you for something". Woo hoo! I was so excited and relieved that I think I skipped out of there. I just want to be a part of the movie, don't really care what role/part/extra. I'll do it.

 Practicing my lines in the car. Please don't try this. Very dangerous!

 Right after my audition.

Jesus and the woman at the well.

Filming begins in Spring 2011 in Provo. 


Jesse and Kimmie said...

I was going to audition too! I sent them a email in september and i was emailed about doing something for a promotional commercial for this movie. I wasn't able to go because I didn't have anyone to watch the kids. :( After reading this i'm seriously bummed that I didn't go.

Sheryl said...

yes! so excited elle!!!

Norm, Lisa and Cache Nielsen said...

That is so exciting! You would be perfect! How hard can acting really be, right?! Awesome. I hope you get it:)

Anna said...

Good for you sister! Cant wait to hear more! yahoo!
Remember me when you are famous :)