Sunday, January 9, 2011

My little guys all grown up

I can't believe our little baby Noah is in Nursery at Church. I remember the day he was born, clearly. 
Where has the time gone? Kind of scary. It's been his third Sunday and he has been loving it. He always cry's a little when we drop him off. But get's over it pretty quick. I think his favorite part is 'singing time'. All the kids hold a rope and follow each other to another class room where they sing lots of fun nursery rhymes. It's so cute to take a peak at them. They all sit in there little chairs and copy the teacher. Melts my heart. When Noah comes home from Church sometimes he'll start singing and doing all the hand gestures to the song. Pretty cute. 

Liam with his Sunbeam teachers Brother and Sister Johnson. He just adores them. They really are a lot of fun and great teachers.

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