Monday, January 31, 2011

St.George Getaway

We left our gloomy days behind and headed to St.George for the weekend.
We just love it down there... High 60's during the day and low 30's at night.
It was bliss. I'm really glad we were able to getaway. I feel refreshed and ready to take on February. Everyone had a great time. Liam thought it was our new 'home' when we got there. We had to explain it was our 'vacation home'. By the end, he was ready to move in forever. So was I. We hung out with the in-laws, the Grandparents, cousin's (Lisa) and some pretty cool friends (Jamie and Brian). We went swimming, hiking and visited the Temple. It was a fun and relaxing weekend. We can't wait to go back soon. *warning, picture overload*

Cousin Lisa
Lizard Hunting
After the hike we came back  relaxed and Clint passed out!

 The boys and their great Grandpa Rex enjoying the sun.

 I love this picture.

 After relaxing we were ready to go to the pool!

 Enjoying the tub.

Grandpa's disappearing act.

 St.George Temple
One thing I noticed about the St.George Temple is how 'white' it is.
Sunday dinner with the Webster's. Everything was so yummy! 

 We couldn't stop squishing baby Lewis's little body. 
He has the best baby thigh rolls we ever seen.

 The kids played so good together. 
Aisley was showing us her gymnastic skills! She is a pro.

Easton and Liam as Transformers. So cute!

Drive home...

Little stinker..cried most of the way home.


B Morgan said...

I'll come live down there with you Elle!

Jason and Emily Gruber said...

Ha! You're so funny! You couldn't find me on facebook cuz I actually don't have an account, but I often use Jason' I'll befriend you (if that's what you call it)so I can get the pics that way. Also, thanks for the earrings...I believe you made them. I get tons and tons of compliments on them!