Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some take-aways so far from The Bachelor

I had to share this blog post from one of our friends Jacelle. It made me laugh, because she wrote down exactly how Clint and I feel every week about The Bachelor.

- ABC's glaring lack of ethnic diversity on this show is really starting to get ridiculous and maybe even embarrassing. But we still can't stop watching it.

- Daddy issues are highly unattractive in men in their mid-30s, despite having 3 percent body fat, an 8-pack, broad bronzed shoulders and an ass that won't quit.

- I think the Bachelors they put on the show are getting dumber and dumber

- I don't get the crying. I mean sure, after a while leaving would suck because you are leaving girls that you made friends with, and you are being rejected. But crying because you just really liked him or your "heart is broken?" I mean these are grown women. Like 30 year old women. Do they cry after the guy they go out with once or twice doesn't call them back? Probably not. So then how does the same concept not apply here?

- Girls that talk about other girls, especially talk about the other girls to the Bachelor, NEVER win. EVER. They rarely even come close. So why, after a decade of this show, do we still have girls on it that run their mouths. Why?

- No amount of hotness is going to make up for crazy.... in the long run.

- Apparently if you are boobless you don't win. Nor do you win if you have short hair. Or red hair. And if you are a girl of color, you don't make it past the first round or you are not on the show period. If you are a male of color (and by color I mean a Latin lover, then you have a better chance.

- As a general rule the Bachelors seem to be bigger tools than the Bachelorettes that are on the show.

- It's getting to the point that the "drama" on the shows are so obviously contrived by producers that it's not even drama to me (but still I can't stop watching)

- So far, after a decade only 16 percent of the Bachelors and Bachelorettes actually get married. Yet how has it maintained its cred as this proposal/marriage show when we all know it probably won't happen.

- Chris Harrison. Why. I noticed he is trying to mix up his outfits this season and wear funky shirts and "cooler clothes." Go for it. But at then end of the day you are still Chris Harrison, still the guy that needlessly points out how many roses are left every other minute when it is already painfully obvious, and yes, still the guy that hits a champagne flute with a knife to get peoples attention. Yep. You are still that guy, no matter what print is on your shirt.


Jacelle said...

Haha thanks guys! I'm glad we are on the same page, especially because of the fact that Clint is able to call the unforeseeable. But I'm calling it right now. Boobs McGee.

Megan said...

So so so true... Couldn't be said better, but yet I still watch.