Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Naw-Ruz 2011

Every year on the first day of Spring (usually 20th or 21st March) every Iranian around the world is celebrating the Persian New Year (Naw-Ruz). We have been keeping up the tradtion by going out to celebrate with all the Bahai's in Salt Lake. It's a lot of fun, so much food and usually dancing. I love it, I get to hang out with my people and talk about Persian stuff and I love eating all the yummy Persian food and being able to speak Farsi. The kids love it too. But I think Clint gets the most out of it. He sits there and people watches. He finds it very amusing and interesting...

 Naw-Ruz 2011

 The table of  haft-sin (or the "Seven S's") is a deeply ingrained portion of Iranian Naw-Ruz celebrations. It is a table bearing seven traditional items starting with the letter "S". These displays are a source of pride for families who often put considerable effort into their appearance so as to be pleasing to visitors. 

 Pure Awesomeness
There was a lot of dancing and peacocking

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Krista said...

that's so cool! you speak the language too!?!