Saturday, March 19, 2011

We Love Stallings Traditions

Every year the Stallings clan get together to cut and divide 3 cows and 4 sheep amongst us. This usually lasts us a year, sometimes more. Everyone has a job, weather its cutting or packing, I just love catching up with everyone and helping out. The best part is we help care for these animals on the family's small farm through out the year. So, I'm pretty proud to say that I know where my meat comes from cause I've probably introduced myself. This has been going on for more than 20 years. Pretty cool huh. The crazy part is I haven't bought meat for over 3 years. I honestly wouldn't even know how much its costs or if its quality!!??

Lamb is by far my favorite meat.

Clint has become a skilled butcher


 Meat cutting stations, there is about 10 guys cramped up in the room.

=Equals freezer full of meat


Norm, Lisa and Cache Nielsen said...

I love the photos! LOL! I was always embarassed to tell people that we had a butcher shop in our basement! Ha ha! It is such a blessing to have this meat though. I wish I could have been there to package with you!

B Morgan said...

So sad I missed it! It'll just be us young girls for the next one on the 9th! We gotta show up and work hard hard hard! We can do it! Can't wait!