Sunday, March 13, 2011

What!? 3 Years! No Way

Yep that's right, 3 years ago today, 2008, we got hitched.
We both keep thinking its been 4 years, because quite frankly it feels like
we've been married forever. But whenever I get asked, my natural response
isn't 3 years. More like 4 or 5 years.

We went out to a Greek restaurant called Aristo's downtown, I ordered the lamb, Clint got the sword fish kebobs. The atmosphere wasn't the most romantic, but it was still enjoyable to be alone and to talk about grown up stuff. I'm a bit of a foodie so whenever I go out I like to be wowed, so I wasn't wowed. But that's okay cause Friday night we took the kids to an all you can sushi/seafood buffet and believe me I was wowed, we pigged out on all the sushi and seafood we could eat, we were stuffed. Liam has always liked sushi and Noah joined right in. Anyway, enough about that. Back to last night.

I was really in the mood for Italian Gelato, I'd heard there was a neat place on 9th and 9th. We ordered our small scoops of gelato paid for them and sat back and enjoyed the art magazines and art decor the place had. Before we knew it was 9 o'clock, time to pick up the kids and get ready for dreadful daylight savings.

I'd say it was an interesting night, not the most romantic evening, it was raining, we got into a few heated discussions about stupid stuff. But that's reality right, sometimes life gets in the way of your fantasy's. And that's okay as long as your in it together and you endure to the end (so cliche but true).


Happy Anniversary!

By the way this is my 'fake' smile..

This was all the action we got last night, pretty cool huh.


The Spencer's said...

ok Mandy and I have the same Anniversary as you guys. Cool!

Tamara Jacobs said...

happy anniversary!
you guys look awesome.
anniversary dates are overrated anyways:)

Anna said...

thanks for being real!
ps- you are beautiful :)

Krista said...

happy anniversary! love your dress and clints glasses? are they fake...i want some fakes

jessaveda said...

Mark and I turned 3 this year too. On March 14th. Didn't you say your first date was Valentines day 2007? Our first date was Feb. 16 2007. We were just a day or two behind you on everything.

Love your blog, btw. <3