Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Conference

My girlfriends Amanda and Suzi and I headed out to the Sunday Conference PM session today.
I was a little disappointed at the weather changing from a lovely warm 72, to freezing, rainy, snowy cold 32 overnight! We made sure we got there on time, but we didn't anticipate on walking 10+ blocks (we parked at the Gateway) in heels! It took us a lot longer then we thought. Plus it was cold and overnight it had snowed like 10.5 inches (still annoyed about it). 

Anyway we finally arrived at our door and the line was so long, that we nearly gave up. But we headed to the back and just waited and waited. Then all of a sudden it started to snow really hard!! We didn't have any umbrellas, nothing. By then conference had started and the line had slowed down. We just hung around and huddled up to stay warm. We finally got to the door and they announced that it was full!! 

We decided to walk in the snow and wind to the conference theater.  We had  to wait in another line outside just to get in. I couldn't feel my hands or nose! I was so close to giving up and walking back to my car and going home to sit on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate. But the girls weren't ready to give up that easily (I'm a wimp when I'm cold). All I kept thinking, I better not have missed Elder Holland's talk. Or I'm moving to California! We finally made it inside and sat down. I knew it was worth it. I heard exactly what I needed to hear and felt moved by the spirit and shed a few tears over these amazing men.

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Norm, Lisa and Cache Nielsen said...

That was some dedication!!! I can't believe it is so snowy up there still! See you soon for meat cutting:)