Thursday, May 26, 2011


We started potty training Noah about 2 weeks ago and we are amazed by this little boys ability. My sister-in-law and my mother-in-law both believe that the golden age to start potty training is 22 months. We were away for a few weeks last month and my brother was here also, so I couldn't give it my full attention. I prepared my check list of things we needed to begin. Snacks, treats, juice, potty and NO pull ups. I sincerely believe pull ups are another gimmick by diaper company's to get people to keep spending money. What the heck did mother's do 25 years ago? or Mother's in foreign countries? 

Moving on, I used a simple approach. I asked Noah every 20 mins if needed to go potty, he started off saying 'No' every time. I would than take him and sit him on the potty and just let him sit. If he peed I would give him a treat. It took him about 2 days before he actually peed. Remember NO diapers. We stayed home that whole week during the day and occasionally leaving to run errands. He only had a few accidents, but that was my fault. I forgot to ask him while we were out. The pooing took a little longer. He would first fight it. But after 5 days and a few accidents. He just went by himself, we encouraged him every time he sat on the potty to poo and 'push'. When he finally did, I tell you what it was the most euphoric feeling, it' was like winning the lotto!! We give lots of praise, claps, high fives and big hugs. He loves the attention. He is at the stage now where he goes by himself either by telling us 'potty' with his little hand holding his crotch or when we ask him he says either 'yah' or 'no'!  

Also it helps having Liam around, cause he encourages Noah to go potty by showing him, secretly we know he just wants treats. At nights his dry, he never was before always a full diaper. But now he wakes up and comes over to me and tells me he needs to go usually around 4.30am. I really don't mind if I'm saving $40 a month on Diapers. We have had a few accidents at night but no big deal. Nap time has been the same, not one accident there.

Well, we are pretty proud of this little lad, his a dream come true and we adore his fun, loving and happy personality. His still cuddle bug! I can't get enough.

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Norm, Lisa and Cache Nielsen said...

Way to go Noah!!! I am jealous. I need to start with Cache. I keep putting it off because I am scared to start with all the accidents:) I will have to give it a shot!