Monday, May 2, 2011

Vida Las Vegas

Every time I go to Vegas I take something from different the trip. It was the first time we have taken the kids, so we had NO idea to expect. Liam loved it, though. So much to look at and do. He mainly wanted to swim, which I didn't mind. But his main attraction was M&M World from the moment he laid eyes on that place he then made it his mission to ask me if we could there, about 30 times. Until we did. As for Noah, he just tagged along where ever we went.

We stayed at the Vdara which is part of a group of new hotels built around the new mall Crystals. It were the Bachelor Brad Womack (last season) took his date on a shopping spree. Although I can stand back and admire all of the posh designers, I know I probably wouldn't ever drop $2k on a handbag. But it felt awesome window shopping. Our favorite parts were the monorail and our hotel swimming pool.

One night we planned a huge night, we had our good friends Nate and Lindsey Palmer watch the boys so we could hit the strip and party all night long. We hit the Treasure Island buffet and even arranged to go night clubbing. But after stuffing ourselves at the buffet we were seriously ready for bed (lame).

My mental note for the night: That I have become an adult. (I was in bed by 11pm).

My brother drove all the way home! What a champ!

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Krista said...

you are too cute and tiny! looks like fun.