Monday, June 6, 2011

Liam's Pre-School Graduation!

Last week Liam graduated from pre-school, he has officially entered into his Kindergarten year.. which is both (scary and nice). I know I say this a lot but boy is he growing up fast. Liam has a very boisterous personality, he is out-going and has no trouble ever making friends where ever we are. He is still strong willed and will usually do the 'opposite' of what you ask of him (I know he gets that from me). 

He's teacher Mrs.Thompson told us what a great artist he is and was wondering who else is an artist in our family because he is really motivated and has a vivid imagination. She kept a bunch of things that he had done through out the year and we were pretty impressed. Overall he really enjoys school and asks me constantly when he can start Kindergarten and go to his new school 'Canyon Rim Academy' which is a charter school in Millcreek. Last month we had the chance to go to his new school for an afternoon of orientation. He had a blast and loved it. I loved it even more, I was really impressed with the school overall. I'm really excited for Liam this year, he is going to be starting a new adventure and making lots of new friends. We love his sense of humor and how much he helps us around the house with chores. We love you Liam and you really do make life pretty interesting, cause I think life would be pretty straight with you!

Bright Stars - Class of 2011

Liam and Mrs. Thompson 

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