Thursday, July 7, 2011

Best Buds!

Although these two occasionally drive each other up the wall, they are best buddies most of the time. Noah follows Liam around like a little puppy and Liam thoroughly enjoys the attention. 

We had a adventurous day yesterday, Clint's Grandma and I love going out for lunch to tucked away little restaurants that we have always wanted to try. Last time we went to Bombay House (Indian) and it was to delicious. This time we went Korean, and we weren't disappointed. I love taking the boys and letting them try different foods and talking about that country and culture. I'm thankful they are both adventurous eaters, like their Mamma! For example, Liam loves sushi (almost as much as me) and Noah likes tempura. But they also love my Persian cooking. The fun didn't stop there, it was really hot yesterday, so we decided to take a quick dip in the pool to cool down.

 Our Korean spread.. I was really excited to try Kimchi (fremented cabbage) it's a Korean staple. 

Everything was so yummy!

 We were trying to see how long Liam could hold his breath

 Love his 'cheese' smile

 Noah loves his Agent Oso boat

Trying to show me his boogers lol

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Sheryl said...

you're brave. anything that's fermented is NOT my cup of tea (herbal that is).

i love your boys and i love that they're so close.