Saturday, July 2, 2011

First time for everything...

Last Saturday we went over to the Boyakin's to watch the USA vs Mexico game, it was a pretty awesome. If you didn't catch it, watch the highlights, we were blown away by the results (well kind of, I knew deep down what was coming). 

Anyway, Liam loves Judson, one of his best buddy's. They were rough housing around and Judson accidentally knocked Liam's tooth with his head. There were tears and a little blood. Things went back to normal after a bit and we noticed Liam's tooth was loose. 

Luckily, we had a routine dentist appointment Tuesday morning. Clint's Uncle is a dentist we just love him and he is such an amazing dentist go here for more info. I was hoping for better news when it was Liam's turn to have his teeth checked but the tooth had already gotten infected and it was decaying. The only solution was a root canal. I felt really bad for Liam, he had no idea what was coming. But he really surprised us, he did really great! He was really fascinated by everything, he asked if he could see the hole, they took a picture and showed it to us. 

I'm proud of Liam, I think he is so brave and takes on life little challenges like a true champ!

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LB said...

Dang! I still feel bad. I'm just glad he got to keep his tooth!