Thursday, August 25, 2011

Night Out with the Hubby

We went to a lovely wedding in Spanish Fork, it was a bit of a drive but totally worth it cause I got to spend time alone with my man. The wedding was at a beautiful house in the hills and it was the perfect summer night. We quitely talked and soaked in the surroundings without any interruption or distractions. It felt so good to be alone with Clint and just catch up. I really do cherish our time alone. I look forward to it every month. We try to have one night a month to ourselves, we don't always get it, but when we do, we laugh a lot and always listen to amazing music we have both discovered through out the week and we do have our special night alone together, he always holds my hand while he is driving. Gotta love that, pretty sweet guy. 

Can you tell how happy I am! Cheeese

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