Thursday, September 22, 2011

Movie Set Pictures

Here are bunch of pictures from a movie set I was able to work on. We took a lot of these pictures in between scenes and rehearsals mainly because we were bored (12 hour days). The movie will come out in 2013. We had the lucky chance to see a few clips of scenes I have been in and let me say, it is amazing! Yes, it's a long production but totally worth it. Shooting will end next week and restart again March 2012.  So far I have been in 3 scenes and all came with new challenges and their own unique experiences. I've had an amazing time and met so many beautiful people and made a few new friends. The crew and production staff are all just wonderful human beings, that put so much love and passion into their work.  Enjoy!


Cami said...

Wait, you're a movie star? :) What's the movie about? Is it a church movie?

Jen Wade said...

Such an awesome experience! I look forward to seeing it!!! Your so gorgeous!!