Friday, September 2, 2011

Saying Goodbye

My step-brother and his girlfriend left for New York last night, I kind of wish I was going with them. For their last night here we wanted to take them somewhere 'real' American. Our first choice was Famous Daves. I mean BBQ ribs, c'mon it couldn't get anymore American than that. We went all out and got the American BBQ feast. It's a platter that has a little of everything, and it was huge and delicious. It didn't disappoint. We were in meat heaven, everything tasted amazing. No joke. Get there asap if you haven't already. After our little rendezvous with bbq meat, we went horse riding at the in-laws. Farnoosh loves horses, she really loved riding them but she was also nervous at the same time. The kids had fun too. It was fun having them here, we did a lot in five days. But I'm ready for our routine again.

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