Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our Summer of Fun

We had a little seafood bbq feast last night at our place. My step-brother and his girlfriend are here from Melbourne doing a US tour of the greatest cities and we made it on the list! Arash and Farnoosh are such a cute couple. We have been showing them around Salt Lake and giving them the tour. It's been a full house, but we don't mind, the kids love it. They are going to be missed, they leave tonight for New York. Let's see, we have been to Silver Lake hike, hung out at the pool, Gateway mall, Snowbird ski resort hot tub, lots of delicious dinners, we are heading to Temple square today and then followed by a scrumptious dinner at Famous Dave's and then after dinner we are going horse riding. Will the fun ever stop? I don't know, I hope not, I am dreading the end of summer, so sad. I'm pretty sure I will shed a few tears. 

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